Meet Nicky, a dedicated nurse with a passion for beauty care. With years of experience in the medical field, Nicky brings a unique blend of expertise and empathy to her clients' beauty journeys.

Driven by a genuine desire to improve her clients' well-being, Nicky approaches each interaction with warmth and professionalism. She understands that true beauty is more than skin deep and prioritises her clients' health alongside their aesthetic goals.

Nicky's commitment to her clients goes beyond just providing treatments; she takes the time to listen to their concerns, educate them about their options, and tailor her services to meet their individual needs. Whether it's a skincare routine, injectables, or cosmetic procedures, Nicky ensures that her clients feel comfortable and confident every step of the way.

Her nursing background instils a strong sense of responsibility and ethics in her practice, ensuring that safety and effectiveness are always at the forefront. Nicky's dedication to her craft and her genuine care for her clients make her not just a beauty practitioner, but a trusted ally in their journey towards self-care and confidence.


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Legislation prevents us from showing classic 'Before & After' comparisons, as well as testimonials from satisfied customers. 

So, we invite your obligation-free consultation to discuss your goals with Nicky in person.

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